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Mold Testing and Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection Sciences of Los Angeles provides the following services: mold testing, mold inspection, mold detection, CIRS protocol inspection and testing, mold remediation protocols and support services, post-remediation clearance testing.

We've been in the mold inspection business for 16 years and done many thousands of inspections. Our expertise guides us and we never have a conflict of interest with regard to our findings and recommendations. We use a science-based approach and do only inspections and testing, never remediation.

mold testing

Mold Testing

  • Air and surface samples
  • Wall cavity air samples
mold inspection

Mold Inspection

  • Complete mold investigation
  • Detailed written report
allergy testing

Allergy Testing

  • MARIA allergy screen
  • Directive investigation
CIRS Protocol

CIRS Protocol

  • HERTSMI testing
  • ERMI testing

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Mold Remediation Support Services

We do not perform mold remediation or construction. There are no conflicts of interest for our clients.

Mold Remediation Scope of Work

  • If you have a mold problem, we create an industry-leading Scope of Work that details how the mold should be cleaned/removed
  • A property owner, renter, or property manager can use the Scope of Work to secure remediation bids from specialized contractors
  • We can recommend reliable remediation contractors and can work closely with them to ensure the work is completed in the safest and most effective manner

Post-Remediation Testing and Verification

  • Once the remediation is complete, we will perform a post inspection and testing to ensure that
    • All containment chambers are properly built and dust and debris free
    • All mold growth is cleaned and/or removed
    • All building materials are dry
    • There are no water leaks
    • Ambient air mold samples and cross contamination samples meet accepted guidelines for clearance

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